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Who We are

LetterFarms is a for-purpose organization born to ensure every person on this planet starts writing letters – again.

Backed by technology revolutionists, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, thinkers and dreamers; we believe in serious conversations and actions about nurturing relationships in this grow-your-network era.

What we do

It’s not that we love technology less, but we love letters more.

Our aim is to have every person on earth write letters. Our mission is to create thriving communities of enthusiastic letter-lovers from ground-up. Surprisingly, LetterFarms is not just your nostalgic past but your smart future too.

Even e-mails are fast getting irrelevant today. Texts and chats are replacing human voices. Twitter and Facebook can give you photos, videos and games on a click. But the thrill of receiving a personal letter, written and addressed just to you, touches our soul in a way that no digital medium can. Interestingly, not many know that writing letters plays a crucial role in shaping our R-quotient – a key factor to succeed in today’s personal & professional life.

We, at LetterFarms, believe that relationships are meant to be nurtured. Today, it’s all about how big our network is and how quickly can we grow it further. In this race for connections, the quality of our relationships takes an unfortunate hit. LetterFarms strives to initiate a dialogue to re-think, re-define and re-evolve human-to-human communication in a way that deepens our relationships and make us more humane.

Our Approach

Result Driven Three-Fold action plan that fits all

Create Buzz

Slowest, oldest, out-dated - that’s how the world sees letters today. But we see something different – a comeback! Not many know that letter-writing can influence our personal and professional lives like no other mediums can. From the oldest to the youngest, biggest to the smallest, we’d like to talk about it to everyone, everywhere.


Over 40% of the people who don’t write letters blame the expense of stamps and almost 30% say they don’t have enough time to write. Well, we decided to eliminate the major hurdle here. Time is all we ask, everything else is taken care of.


At the heart of LetterFarms is a zealous aim – to be a proactive agent to raise the quality of human relationships today. And we think writing letters would be a great way to start. Our communities are the first step for serious letter-writers to come together, offline and online, and start a talkathon. Every bit would count.

Why handwritten letters

Not just an age-old art,
it’s about the science behind writing letters.

  • 01

    Children who write letters define their relationships better.

  • 02

    Frequent letter-writers score high on understanding the proximity of their relationships.

  • 03

    Habitual letter-writers demonstrate higher sense of developing sustainable relationships as compared to their peers.

  • 04

    Students introduced to structured letter-writing workshops show significant increase in their R - Quotient, a key measure of their ability to manage relationships especially in their professional careers.

  • 05

    Children with a habit of writing letters were found to better ideate and articulate their relationships.

  • 06

    Over 48% people keep handwritten letters to re-read them, and will keep certain handwritten letters forever.

  • 07

    Over a third of people feel that sending a handwritten communication, personal and official, builds better business relationships than an e-mail, chat or printed letter, and the same number feels it adds more gravitas.

  • 08

    A fifth of people believe that handwritten communication at work reflect well on their reputation and that of their company.

  • 09

    Seven out of 10 people open a handwritten envelope before all other posts.

And it’s not only we who feel it that way

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